When you love your surroundings, you are happier, more motivated, and productive. At ev interiors, we believe that this is the magic that can inspire us all to be our best selves.

The spaces that you spend most of your time in are critical to your point of view. You lounge in that comfortable chair when you do your best work. You reminisce in that black-and-white canvas that sparks your fondest memories. You admire the grain of the wood that tells a story on the planks under your feet. It is essential that you fall in love with every inch of the space you’re in. When you love these things around you, you live better.

Each of our interiors is uniquely our own; beginning from a blank slate and created into an extension of our personal identities. By designing, renovating, furnishing, and organizing your space, you can create beautiful surroundings and feel the positive ripple effect that it provides for yourself and those around you.



  1. DESIGN — independent design consultation services or design services tied to a full installation project

  2. RENO —- construction services + cosmetic updates

  3. FURNISH —- furniture layout plans + full installations including textiles & decor

  4. ORGANIZE —- home organization services





Collection of Work

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Photo credit CA Photographic

Photo credit CA Photographic

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